Haggar Behavioral Consulting, LLC

 Our Services

ABA Therapy for Children with Developmental Disabilities

We offer 1:1 ABA therapy for children with autism and other developmental disabilities focusing on increasing desired behaviors and decreasing undesired behaviors. We can work on teaching language, matching, receptively and expressively identifying, social skills, toilet training, and much more. We can also work on decreasing undesired behaviors such as noncompliance and stereotypy. We also teach community and self-help skills that can promote independence for the child. A few examples of these skills are dressing, bathing, making the bed, doing laundry, and purchasing an item at the store.

Behavior interventions for typically developing children

We offer behavior interventions for typically developing children who are displaying behavioral problems. We will work with the child and parents to decrease the inappropriate/undesired behaviors and increase the appropriate/desired behaviors. For example, a child who cries and hits every time something is taken away from him/her or is told no. We can work on decreasing crying and hitting while increasing more appropriate behaviors.

Parent training

We offer parent training for parents of children with developmental disabilities and parents of typically developing children. Parent training will include observing the situations in which the parents are experiencing problems, and then training the parents in how to proceed with the situations. Parent training will typically involve the parents taking data outside of session time to give to the behavior analyst to use to assess progress. The behavior analyst will also work with the child(ren) in the beginning when procedures are starting. The goal of parent training is to observe, create procedures, and teach the parents to implement the procedures and take data.

School assistance for children

We offer assistance for children who need extra 1:1 assistance in the classroom. The behavior analyst will observe the child in the classroom, identify the problems, and create a plan to implement in the classroom. A therapist will go to school with the child each day to assist in the classroom. The behavior analyst will come back to check-in as frequently as necessary and possible to continue to update and monitor progress.

School Consulting

We offer consulting to schools that would like support from a behavior analyst. The behavior analyst will go to the school, observe the classroom, make suggestions, protocols, and programs, and train teachers in how to implement the suggestions. We can also offer a therapist to be present in the classroom to assist the teacher(s) as long as needed. The behavior analyst will come back to check-in as frequently as necessary and possible to continue to update and monitor progress.